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Iran orders bandwidth expansion to boost internet speed

Iranian Telecom Minister Issa Zarepour

Iran’s telecommunications minister said he had ordered an increase in internet bandwidth used in the country amid user complaints about low internet speeds and reports showing demand for online services has increased with a new wave of the coroanvirus pandemic.

Issa Zarepour said on Wednesday that the bandwidth allocated to the Iranian Telecommunications Corporation (TCI) had increased by 300 gigabits per second (Gbps).

“I think (users) will see the results of this increased capacity with improved internet quality in the coming days,” Zarepour said.

TCI controls Iran’s leading mobile operator, MCI. The company provides services to millions of users across the country via fixed and mobile broadband.

Zarepour’s comments come amid reports suggesting the internet has become slow in Iran, with users complaining about poor quality of services when using social media platforms like Instagram.

The minister dismissed allegations that the government deliberately reduced internet speeds in preparation for a parliamentary bill that could impose restrictions on users’ access to overseas-based services.

He blamed technical problems reported in some Iranian provinces as well as growing demand for online services for lower internet speed in recent days.

“The disruptions were technical and not related to the ratification of any bill,” Zarepour told official IRNA news agency.

Figures from the Iranian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority show that Iran’s international bandwidth capacity had reached 4,309 Gbps in the year to March 2020, up from just 82 Gbps in 2013.

Zarepour said international bandwidth has increased by 20% since the incumbent Iranian administration took office in early August.