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Korea’s broadband internet speed dropped to 7th place in global speed test


Sep 24, 2021 1:38 PM STI

Seoul [South Korea], Sept. 24 (ANI / Global Economic): Korea’s broadband internet speed ranking fell to seventh this year. It is analyzed that Korea’s competitiveness in broadband internet infrastructure, which has been rated as the best in the world, is steadily declining.
According to Ookla, which operates the Internet speed measurement site “Speedtest”, on the 23rd, the average speed of mobile Internet and broadband Internet in the world increased this year by 31.9% and 59%. , 5% year on year to reach 107.5 Mbps and 55.1 Mbps, respectively.
Ookla reported that Korea’s average broadband internet speed is over 70% faster, and mobile internet speed is 240% faster than the global average speed.

By country, Korea’s speed ranking for broadband internet was seventh this year, down three notches from last year. The ranking was second in 2019 but has dropped 5 notches in the past two years.
Monaco topped the world speed test and was followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Romania and Switzerland.
Korea ranked second for mobile internet speed this year, similar to last year. Korea has remained in second place for two consecutive years since peaking in 2019. The UAE has dominated for two consecutive years.
Korea was the only country in the top 10 of the broadband Internet and mobile Internet rankings this year. (ANI / Global Economy)


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