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Letters to the Editor November 28, 2021: Wrong Direction Instead of Sears Connectivity | Letters


Wrong direction instead of

Sears connectivity

In a recent interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Virginia Lieutenant Governor-elect Winsome Sears discussed the recently passed broadband Internet and infrastructure bill.

As an advocate in Congress for universal broadband access, I was most struck by his assertion that rural counties in southwest Virginia would only receive funding “if [they] have an immigrant population that is absolutely increasing and at some point so again our people in the southwest are going to be left out because [they] I don’t have that there. This statement is false in every sense of the word.

The reality is that Virginia will get $ 100 million to fund investment projects as the state sees fit, plus additional funds from various grants – none of which are tied to a locality’s immigrant population. in any way.

The new bill also allocates $ 14.2 billion for the affordable connectivity program, which will replace and expand the broadband emergency benefits program. This FCC-run program, established by Congress in response to the pandemic, offered a grant to help low-income families afford broadband service. More than 130,000 Virginians have already taken advantage of the grant, and with the passage of the infrastructure law, hundreds of thousands more will be able to connect.