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LG has successfully demonstrated 6G data transmission


Soul: LG Electronics said on Thursday that it has successfully demonstrated 6G data transmission using terahertz spectrum as a Korean tech giant tries to advance next-generation communications technology.

Last week LG, together with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, one of Europe’s leading application-oriented research organizations in Berlin, successfully transmitted a 100-meter 6G terahertz radio communication signal to an outdoor environment.

LG said it has developed a new power amplifier with the Fraunhofer-Gezel shaft to provide stable communication signals over the 6G terahertz spectrum.

Ultra-wideband spectra have a short frequency range, but the power loss in the antenna’s transmit and receive processes is severe, and improved power amplifiers are needed to solve such problems, reports the Yonhap news agency. There are.

LG said the new amplifier can provide a maximum output signal of 15 decibel milliwatts for stable communication in the 155-175 GHz band.

LG also added that it has developed adaptive beamforming and high gain antenna switching technology for 6G terahertz radio communications demonstrations.

LG expects 6G communications to go to market in 2029 and standardization negotiations to begin in 2025.

The company can bring the concept of the Ambient Internet of Everything (AIoE), where next-generation telecommunications networks offer faster data speeds, lower latency, and higher reliability than 5G, providing users with greater enhanced connectivity experience. I think.

LG established a 6G research center with KAIST in 2019 and last year signed a contract with the Korea Institute of Standard Sciences to research 6G technology.

In June, the company’s principal investigator was elected chair of the applications working group of the Next G Alliance, a North American mobile technology alliance for the development of 6G solutions.

LG has successfully demonstrated 6G data transmission

LG has successfully demonstrated 6G data transmission


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