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Local internet speed investigation is still ongoing


RISON – Cleveland County residents are being asked to complete an online survey to document broadband internet speeds in the county to collect data that will be used to seek grants and other funding to achieve faster speeds rapids throughout the county.

The Accelerate Cleveland County committee is conducting the survey to get accurate data on the actual internet speeds residents and businesses are experiencing in the county. Research by the committee found that current broadband cards used by granting agencies and others show higher internet speeds than those actually experienced in the county.

The data collected will be used in a presentation made to the Arkansas Broadband Office,

the state agency that oversees state grants for expanding and improving broadband service in the state.

Respondents to the online survey are asked to use the device they normally use to access the internet (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) from the service they usually use to access the internet (company phone, cellular signal, access points, satellite, etc.).

To access the survey, go to or scan the QR code in the paper or digital edition of the paper.

The survey is administered by the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and the Arkansas Connectivity Coalition,