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Mobile internet speed in Pakistan is better than in India

Lahore: (WebDisc) Pakistan has overtaken India in terms of internet speed on mobile phones.
Ookla, the global internet speed mapping organization, released a list of mobile and broadband internet speeds in different countries in June 2022.
According to the list, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and Bulgaria have the highest mobile internet speeds in the world.
Norway tops the mobile internet list with an average download speed of 126.96 Mbps and an average upload speed of 17.91 Mbps.
The second place is in the United Arab Emirates where the average mobile internet speed is 120.37 Mbps.
While Bulgaria improved 6 ranks to third place where the average mobile internet speed is 110.61 Mbps.
Pakistan reached the 116th position in this list of 139 countries after falling 3 ranks.
The average mobile internet download speed in Pakistan is 14.63 Mbps and the upload speed is 9.38 Mbps.
Pakistan is ahead of Bangladesh and India in this regard, India is ranked 118th in this list.
On the other hand, the Latin American country, Chile, leads in terms of broadband internet speed.
The average broadband internet speed in Chile is 213.73 Mbps, followed by Singapore with 203.61 Mbps and China with 188.03 Mbps.
In this list of 182 countries, Pakistan ranks 150th with a broadband speed of 9.82 Mbps while India ranks 72nd with 48.11 Mbps.
Global mobile Internet download speed averages 31.01 Mbps and upload speed 8.66 Mbps, compared to the average broadband Internet download speed of 66.25 Mbps and the average download speed in the world. The speed is 28.56 Mbps.