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NCTC uses Connectbase for its connectivity exchange platform

ORLANDO, Florida.—NCTC announced its partnership with Connectbase to provide a fully automated unified platform for its connectivity exchange.

The Connectivity Exchange program allows independent NCTC member operators to compete and win projects with national brands or large-scale tenders for last-mile broadband network contracts.

Sixty-five of the NCTC members have already expressed interest and are actively participating in conversations to join the program.

The Connectbase Connected World platform will be used to automate the buying and selling processes of the network.

“Our strategic partnership with Connectbase and Neustar not only gives independent broadband providers new levels of nationwide visibility and marketability, it will also make access to the combined strength of our members completely seamless – in a automated interface,” said the NCTC Vice President of Technology and Technology. innovation, Jared Baumann. “Now our members are better equipped to fill critical gaps in the broadband market than anyone else can. We have never been stronger together.”

The NCTC’s more than 700 independent cable and broadband operators cover many areas of the United States where other national communications service providers do not have franchises or fiber networks.

Through the enhanced platform, these members can advertise to the world where their networks and nodes are located, creating revenue opportunities to serve new markets.

This new capacity will also open doors for buyers who need broadband for last mile deployments, including those in rural areas and underserved locations requested in national offerings, which will now be accessible for the first time, said said the NCTC.

The platform leverages the power of Connectbase and its partner Neustar to deliver real-time insights and analytics, serving as a central, one-stop customer relationship management (CRM) solution for NCTC members and buyers, enabling seamless end-to-end management of wholesale efforts.

To date, NCTC members have already registered over six million locations with Connectbase, creating a global network that is automatically introduced to potential wholesale network buyers.