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Nigeria’s internet speed is still among the slowest in the world

According to a new report, Nigeria ranks 151st on the fixed broadband internet speed rating of 182 countries.

Nigeria’s average fixed broadband internet speed is so slow that the country has ranked 151st out of 182 countries in recent years. Overall speed test index published by the American Internet speed analysis company Ookla.

Nigeria came far behind Congo, Mali, Sierra Leone, Togo and Burkina Faso, which are relatively smaller economically. It recorded a download speed of 20.97 megabits per second, while the fastest in the world, Singapore, reached 298 mbps.

In the mobile category, Nigeria came 87th out of 140 countries with a download speed of 33.29mbps, while South Africa took 46th place with 68.9mbps. The world leader in this category was the United Arab Emirates with 258 Mbps.

Nigeria, however, recorded one of the fastest monthly increases of 15 places between July and August 2022.

Nigerian providers are categorized as follows: ipNX, KKONTech, Glo, Airtel, Spectranet, MTN, SWIFT, Cobranet, Tizeti and Smile. The fastest, ipNX, had a median speed of 21.34 bps while the slowest, Smile, had 2.44 mbps.

5G magic

The Ookla report indicates that despite relative improvements, internet speed in Africa is generally far from the global average.

Internet outages contribute to Africa’s low throughput. The survey revealed that during the second quarter of 2022, users reported 46,810 incidents for Vodacom and 34,882 for MTN which is present in 17 African countries.

South Africa, the continent’s internet speed leader, ranked 46th with an average mobile download speed of 68.9 megabits per second, well below the global average mobile download speed of 77.7 Mbps.

South Africa’s performance reflects the country’s advancement with the 5G network.

More than 40 African countries have yet to lay the groundwork for creating 5G spectra, although at least 13 countries are already conducting trials.

“We can clearly see the impact of 5G on overall performance as South African carriers came out on top with the roll out of 5G networks. MTN South Africa was way ahead of the rest of the carriers, despite challenges with offloading, with a median download speed of 65.95 Mbps, followed by Vodacom South Africa with a median download speed of 48.70 Mbps If we remove 5G from the equation, Safaricom Kenya was the fastest operator among the analyzed operators,” Sylwia Kechiche, Senior Industry Analyst, Enterprise at Ookla said in the report.

Nigeria’s speed is expected to increase in response to network infrastructure investments made by carriers and as 5G expands. MTN, one of two Nigerian companies to have been granted a 5G license, has launched a 5G trial in seven cities across the country. The company, alongside Airtel, is investing some N208.5 billion in its network infrastructure, according to Ookla.

Karl Toriola, CEO of MTN Nigeria, said last week that the rollout of 5G technology last month will transform business operations in Nigeria.

“With MTN’s commercial launch of 5G, leveraging the largest dedicated 5G spectrum in Africa, Nigeria will join a handful of African countries that have rolled out the 5G network. To experience 5G, you can order MTN routers at the nearest MTN service center or visit MTN Nigeria website to order 5G enabled routers for home delivery,” Mr. Toriola said. quoted by BusinessDay as saying.