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Ookla Speedtest Shows PH Mobile Internet Speed ​​Increase in September


The Ookla Speedtest Global Index report showed an increase in mobile speed, with the country recording an average download speed of 35.03 Mbps compared to 33.7 Mbps in the previous month.

Latest download speed represents a 3.73% month-over-month improvement for mobile. Speed ​​represents a 370.83% improvement since the start of the Duterte administration in July 2016.

The speed of the country’s fixed broadband dropped slightly with 71.85 Mbps recorded in September 2021 compared to 72.56 Mbps in August. Speed ​​represents an 808.34% improvement since the start of the Duterte administration in July 2016.

The improvement shows that Philippines mobile speed now ranks 72 out of 138 countries and fixed broadband now ranks 64 out of 181 countries. Out of 50 Asian countries, the country’s internet speed ranks 23rd for mobile and 17th for fixed broadband.

In Asia-Pacific, the Philippines ranks 13th for mobile and 14th for fixed broadband out of 46 countries. In ASEAN, the country ranked 5th for fixed broadband and mobile out of 10 countries.

The president’s announcement to streamline and speed up LGU permit issuance in July 2020 generated a significant increase in permits granted to telecom operators from July 2020 to August this year compared to 2019. The improvement in speed The Internet is largely attributed to this development as telecom operators are able to speed up the construction infrastructure (cell towers and fiber optic network) needed to strengthen services and connectivity.


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