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OpenMedia backs bill requiring ISPs to provide internet speed reports

Open Media calls on the government to do more to address internet speed reports from internet service providers (ISPs).

The nonprofit specifically points to Bill C-288, a bill that seeks to revise the Telecommunications Act to require ISPs to publicly share broadband network performance.

Open Media argues that the private member’s bill will help Canadians make informed decisions when choosing Internet services. It will also see service providers compete on the network performance they offer customers.

Open Media Campaigns Director Matt Hatfield says the issue is about truth and transparency.

“If an ISP advertises certain speeds, consumers have a right to know before they buy whether those speeds accurately reflect average network performance.”

Hatfield said the bill is of particular importance to Canadians residing in rural areas and those who depend on low-cost services. “Broadband internet underperformance is irritating; but when low-speed internet is underperforming, it effectively deprives people of an essential service.

The group says Canada is behind in passing such legislation. Australia and the UK have recently adopted reporting requirements, and the FCC in the US has required companies to provide labels that inform customers about a range of factors, Open Media said.

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Source: Open Media