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OTE to Double Internet Speed ​​and Increase Fiber Optic Investments


After a conference call between Mitsotakis and Tim Hetges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, which controls OTE, it was announced that the organization will double the speed of broadband connections to landline at no additional cost, where this is of course possible.

Two years after the pressure of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis which has led to a reduction in data costs in mobile telephony, further government intervention has resulted in corresponding benefits for fixed telephony subscribers.

The statements of Minister of Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis on Greece 100th globally position in fixed telephony, while being in 35th place on mobile, seem to have contributed to the movements of yesterday in TAKES AWAY, rubs off on competitors. The latter, in any case, mainly use TAKES AWAY copper network to reach their customers.

After a teleconference between Mitsotakis and Tim Hetges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, who controls TAKES AWAY, it was announced that the organization would double the speed of broadband connections to fixed telephony at no additional cost, where this is of course possible.

At the same time, the head of Deutsche Telekom Recount Mitsotakis this TAKES AWAY will increase its investment program for the development of the fiber optic network to the home (FTTH) to cover approximately three million households. This covers a significant part of the gap of two million lines which, according to the government, were not included until today in the investment plans of fiber optic suppliers.

The package offered by Deutsche Telekom includes, according to sources, support for investments connected to fifth generation (5G) networks in mobile telephony. The relationship between quality and price of broadband, combined with the actual (not rated) low speed, is now seen as a serious issue for the country, at least as far as relevant government statements and strategic plans are concerned. The long delays in the development of fiber optic networks have prompted officials to speed up a number of initiatives.

It’s the first UFBB (Ultra High Speed) tender for the development of fiber optic networks in areas where suppliers do not intend to invest. A second tender for the UFBB is being prepared to cover additional areas as well as a special program to subsidize the fiber optic infrastructure to reach homes. The latter will be financed by the Stimulus Fund.

PPC determined to enter telecommunications

Ads for TAKES AWAY important initiatives come at a time when the management of CPC is preparing to develop a nationwide fiber optic network using the HEDNO Infrastructure. This is a plan that is not well received by some in the industry because it increases competition in what is called the “last mile”. Today the “last mile” is fully controlled by TAKES AWAY, which owns the copper network, connecting households and businesses with cabins located in the streets.

In an interview with Proto Thema on Sunday, PPC CEO Georgos Stassis said that “nothing changes in the design” for the fiber optic network. “On the contrary, with the money that has flowed into the company thanks to the capital increase, the investments will be even faster. From the new year, the pilot program we have designed will be implemented, which will start from Peristeri and we are ready to start the total investment which will reach 680 million euros. CPC build a fiber optic network that every telecommunications service provider can use. We started discussions with the banks some time ago and we have already received credit approval “, he said.