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PLDT dominates internet speed test again for 2021 – report

Image by Bruno/Germany from Pixabay

“Fast internet is no longer a luxury.”

A telecom giant has outpaced other services in the country in internet speed, according to the latest data from a global benchmarking firm.

Home PLDT was recognized as the fastest broadband network in the Philippines based on its speed score in Ookla Speedtest Rewards for Q3-Q4 2021.

The internet service provider (ISP) achieved a score of 77.24, which is a significant increase from its score of 27.28 in the second half of 2021.

Speed ​​score is a metric that takes into account both ISP upload and download speeds.

The telecommunications giant is also said to have the highest upload and download speed among its contemporaries, registering 217.07 Mbps and 203.97 Mbps respectively.

It recorded the highest numbers in major cities across the country, namely Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Converge ranked second on speed score with 53.17. It is followed by Sky with a score of 38.92 and World with a score of 25.66.

(PDLT Home/Exit)
PLDT upload and download
(PDLT Home/Exit)

To determine network speeds, Ookla said it compared data gathered from millions of consumer-initiated tests performed on Speedtest platforms.

The data includes tests performed by Filipino internet users on various networks using digital devices connected via Wi-Fi and fixed networks.

Ookla also rated the fastest network speed achieved on a given network to analyze the fastest ISPs.

The results were warmly welcomed by Butch Jimenez Jr.Senior Vice President and Head of PLDT Home Business.

“Fast internet is no longer a luxury, as it is what Filipinos depend on to earn a living, work and study from home. We have worked tirelessly to continually build and improve our network so that our customers enjoy better, future-ready homes,” he said.

“Demand for the fastest broadband in the Philippines remains strong and we are also investing in our year-round installation, upgrade and repair capabilities,” added Jimenez.

FAI has dominated the Ookla Speedtest Awards for the past four years.

Last November, PLDT launched the country’s first-ever 10,000 Mbps fiber optic service, which puts the Philippines alongside first-world countries with fast internet access like South Korea, Japan and Sweden.