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Purdue Releases Broadband Survey Results

(Pixabay Photo/Michael Jarmoluk)

The Purdue University Center for Regional Development has released results from more than 16,000 surveys of home Internet users in rural Indiana. Purdue says the main purpose of the survey was to collect broadband connectivity data and assess the quality and affordability of home internet access.

The results showed that more than half of the respondents were dissatisfied with their service, mainly due to slow or unreliable connections. Purdue says the report also offers key insights to help bridge the state’s digital divide.

“Broadband is an ever-evolving issue,” said Roberto Gallardo, director of PCRD. “Access has been a priority for many years, but now quality and affordable service, even in areas that already have access, is just as important to address. Fortunately, there will be a significant amount of federal funds to invest in solving this problem.

Purdue says the survey collected data around several themes:

  • Home Internet adoption, technologies, cost, willingness to pay and reasons not to subscribe at home
  • Quality of service measured by speed tests and satisfaction levels
  • Features that drive adoption, such as home-based businesses, remote work, or kids-in-home

“As a die-hard champion of rural broadband, I am delighted to see all of the responses to this survey, but at the same time, all of these responses reinforce what we all know…that broadband internet is no longer a luxury is a necessity!” said Bartholomew County Commissioner Tony London.

The project is a partnership with Purdue Extension, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and several local and regional organizations.

You can view the full report at click here.