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Romania experiences an increase in internet speed in 2021

Romanian internet users enjoyed faster fixed and mobile connections last year, according to statistics compiled by telecommunications regulator ANCOM based on tests carried out on the Netograf platform.

The average download speed of fixed broadband connections increased by almost 40% in 2021 compared to 2020, up to 259.8 Mbps. Meanwhile, the average download speed was around 60% faster, reaching 179.1 Mbps.

Meanwhile, user test results on the Netograf platform indicated an average download speed for mobile internet of 30.3 Mbps, a 25% increase over the previous year. Download speed, however, remained constant last year at 10.6 Mbps.

According to the same ANCOM report, the average download speed of fixed Internet connections varies from county to county, from 65.1 Mbps in Mehedinți to 249.6 Mbps in Harghita. As for mobile Internet connections, the average download speed varies between 15.7 Mbps (Vâlcea) and 56.4 Mbps (Vrancea).

Regarding download speed, the figures vary between 51 Mbps (Sălaj) and 181.2 Mbps (Harghita) for fixed broadband and between 5.5 Mbps (Buzău) and 16.2 Mbps (Vrancea) for mobile Internet.

ANCOM also said that the main Internet service providers in Romania registered fewer complaints in 2021, and one of the reasons could be the lower number of security incidents registered last year in the Internet sector. telecommunications. The number of complaints recorded in 2021 per thousand active fixed connections was between 67 and 384 depending on the provider, while for mobile internet it was between 2 and 19 complaints.

The ANCOM report was based on 187,497 valid tests performed through the Netograf platform.

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