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SkyPacket Networks Boosts Internet Speed ​​for Mt Savage Area

CUMBERLAND, Md., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SkyPacket Networks has completed system enhancements in Wild Mountain and increased the speed of Internet services fivefold, according to Jason Wigfield, the vice president of Maryland SkyPacket. The construction of a new “Patty Baker” tower in Allegany County, MD as a new wireless broadband tower helps meet ever-growing demand in the previously underserved community of Mt Savage.

Wigfield added “We had a waiting list for service from these underserved communities and our current users quickly maxed out our original backhaul circuit – meaning we had to wait to add new customers until ’til we can add capacity.

“We had to get permission from various agencies to switch to higher speed FCC licensed connections and once that was accomplished our teams immediately installed the new link and antennas to increase capacity. let’s add customers again.There are many satisfied customers in wild mountain“.

Combined with PAL CBRS (Priority Access Licenses) held by SkyPacket Networks, high-speed Internet service is now available in most Allegany County, MD.

SkyPacket Networks ( started in Cumberland, MD (incorporated in 2008) and provides fixed wireless broadband service to customers across Allegany County, MD, Mineral County, West Virginia, McKean County, Pennsylvania, Union County, Pennsylvania, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, Montour County, Pennsylvania, Columbia County, Pennsylvania Luzerne County, Pennsylvania and Lackwanna County, Pennsylvania.

SkyPacket Networks was able to acquire CBRS Priority Access Licenses from FCC Auction 105 and was able to deliver high-speed broadband to thousands of previously unserved or underserved homes and businesses in these beautiful communities. rural.

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