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Smart Place Connectivity comes to Scottish Border schools

Over the past four months, Commsworld has laid 20km of fiber optic cabling to overhaul and upgrade fiber infrastructure, resilience and capacity in the Scottish Borders.

This now means that the Scottish Borders’ 6,296 secondary school students, along with their teachers, will benefit from a ‘next generation network’ capable of delivering speeds 500 times faster than the average UK broadband connection.

This is possible thanks to Commsworld’s Optical Core Network, built on approximately 1,500 miles of dark fiber. Operating its network exclusively on dark fiber allows Commsworld to retain full control and provide scalable bandwidth.

The move gives new impetus to the Council’s Inspire Learning program, which has quickly become embedded at the heart of what learning and teaching at the frontiers looks like.

The program has a direct impact on improving services in the region, including providing digital skills, improving employability and making the Scottish Borders an even more attractive place to live, learn and work. It creates a sustainable, world-class environment in which to learn and teach, and includes equipping staff and students with iPad devices.

At the heart of its success are stronger fiber optic networks put in place for primary and secondary schools, with Commsworld linking them to its optical core network.


Lyndsey Teaz, CGI Vice President, Head of Scottish Business Unit (Acting), said: “Commsworld is one of our most trusted partners and works side by side with us and the Scottish Borders Council to leverage technologies and bring practical innovations that can transform,
enable, protect and make real changes to existing systems.

“Through Commsworld, this new, improved and highly resilient network will result in a massive further enhancement to Inspire Learning and the Borders ambition to create the UK’s first rural Smart Place. By embracing its digital future, it will boost digital skills and learning, connect communities, support innovation and transform services for all citizens, while enabling a flexible workforce.

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