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South Africa has the fastest internet speed in Africa, Port Harcourt is the first in Nigeria


South Africa leads the other African countries in the ranking of countries with the fastest internet speed in the world with a speed of 44.60 Mbps. The country is ranked 56 globally. It depends Ookla’s World Speedtest Index in June report.

Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index includes network speed tests of more than 10,000 high-performance servers in more than 190 countries.

Morocco follows with a speed of 40.07 Mbps at rank 63, Tunisia is next with 34.22 Mbps at rank 70. Cameroon and Botswana complete the top 5 African countries with Internet speeds of 33.98 Mbps and 27.30 Mbps.

Only nine (9) African countries are in the top 100, including Nigeria, Mauritius, Angola, Ethiopia and Egypt.

South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia are among the top 5 countries with the fastest mobile internet speed (> 27 Mbps) in Africa

At the other end of the spectrum, Ghana (132) and Zimbabwe (134) have the slowest internet speeds in Africa at 12.69 Mbps and 13.23 Mbps, respectively.

Port Harcourt is ahead of Lagos, Ibadan, Kano

In Nigeria, Port Harcourt, home to Nigeria’s second largest port, has the fastest internet speeds in the country. The coastal city has a download speed of 26.34 megabytes per second (Mbps), significantly higher than the 24.15 Mbps recorded in Lagos, Africa’s top startup city.

The report, which highlighted the fastest average mobile download speed among Nigeria’s most populous cities in the second year of the year, also showed that four out of five cities had higher download speeds. at 20 Mbps.

Kano is second on the chart with 24.75 Mbps while Ibadan is fourth with 20.66 Mbps. Benin City has the lowest recording of 16.73 Mbps during the period.

Port Harcourt has faster internet speed than Lagos, Africa's first start-up city

Globally, Nigeria dropped one spot to 99th place in the ranking with a download speed of 22.91. However, the world top 3 remains unchanged.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) sits comfortably at the top of the rankings with a mobile broadband speed of 193.51 Mbps. Behind the United Arab Emirates is South Korea with 180.48 Mbps, followed by Qatar with 171.76 Mbps.

Port Harcourt has faster internet speed than Lagos, Africa's first start-up city

Newcomers Norway (171.76 Mbps) and Cyprus (161.80 Mbps) round out the top 5 of the 140 countries featured in the report. The US comes in at 18 with 88.08 Mbps while the UK climbed to number 23 with 78.81 Mbps.

Airtel has the fastest internet in Nigeria

An analysis of internet speed in Nigeria shows that while the mobile download speed is 22.91 Mbps, the upload speed is even slower at only 9.68 Mbps.

For fixed broadband, the download speed is fixed at 17.05 Mbps while the upload speed is 15.28 Mbps. This report shows that while mobile internet can have better download speed, fixed broadband is more reliable.

Port Harcourt has faster internet speed than Lagos, Africa's first start-up city

In terms of speed for individual telecom providers, the speed test The report found that Airtel was the fastest mobile operator among the major vendors in Nigeria in the second quarter of 2021 with a speed score of 28.82 on modern chipsets.

Nigeria’s largest mobile operator, MTN comes in second with a speed score of 25.78. Globacom and 9mobile have the worst speed with a speed score of 10.35 and 9.49 respectively. That’s less than half of Airtel and MTN’s speed score.

A breakdown shows that MTN leads in terms of consistency with a score of 83.4%. This means that around 83% of the results were found showing at least a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps.

Airtel follows closely with a score of 82.5% while Globacom and 9mobile obtained 64.1% and 46.4% respectively.

Port Harcourt has faster internet speed than Lagos, Africa's first start-up city

However, when it comes to latency, 9mobile surprisingly had the lowest latency at 44ms during the second quarter. MTN and Airtel had the least with 48 ms.

Network latency refers to the time it takes for a data packet to make the round trip between two points.

In summary

Internet speed in Africa is still well below the global moving average of 55.34 Mbps. In Nigeria, the internet speed is even worse with a speed of 22.91 Mbps, about half that of South Africa (44.60 Mbps).

Despite the low average, progress in countries like Mauritius shows that rolling out mobile broadband beyond major cities to the last mile is critical to achieving faster internet in African countries.

While Nigeria and Ghana are still struggling to expand access to 4G, the number of 5G subscribers in South Africa has already reached around 90,000. In fact, 5G users in the country are expected to reach 11 million. by 2025, according to Africa Analysis.

Nigeria is not without hope, major telecom providers like MTN intend to invest a significant amount of money in infrastructure to build broadband. Likewise, the government has launched a broadband strategy with plans to cut internet costs by 50% by 2025.

According to the current state of affairs in the telecommunications sector in Africa, more African countries are on track to enter the top 100 of Ookla’s Speedtest ranking before the end of the year.

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