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SpaceX to provide internet connectivity to astronauts with Starlink using lasers


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Space Exploration Technologies Corp.’s Starlink satellite Internet service. (SpaceX) will soon begin providing Internet connectivity to space travelers and astronauts. The company is currently in the beta testing phase of Starlink and it will end soon if Musk’s words bear fruit, as the executive also believes the service will be ready for operational service next month.

The company has put over a thousand spacecraft into orbit by the first half of this year, and now Starlink is moving forward to deploy improved spacecraft, which will dramatically reduce the need to use stations. earth to transfer user data to and from Internet servers. .

In the new satellites for Starlink there will be optical connectivity, which is actually lasers, and with SpaceX launched the first batch of the new spacecraft earlier this month with the Falcon 9 rocket, we may soon see a full deployment of satellite Internet link.


In his recent comments, Musk said Starlink will use these and older spacecraft to provide astronauts and other space travelers with internet connectivity when they are outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

The comments come after the crew aboard SpaceX’s first private crewed space mission shared their meal itinerary. And Musk had promised them that he would provide a “plate warmer” and “free wifi” next time.

Yes. We would use our Ka parabolas or our laser links for Dragon, Starship or other spaceships as soon as they were above cloud level.

Musk also said Starlink will exit its beta testing phase next month and that this information is coming from a large chunk of users who have pre-ordered for the service, and its equipment is awaiting shipments.

SpaceX CFO Bret Johnsen said his company currently manufactures 5,000 user terminals per month. He also said the new satellite terminal is both cheaper and faster to manufacture than its predecessor.

SpaceX intends to use Starlink to provide connectivity to astronauts leaving Earth and potential travelers to Mars.

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Patrick therefore had many reasons to get into telecommunications. Businesses always want growth and that was a good growth opportunity for us, but there are other reasons as well. A broadband constellation in low earth orbit has never been successful. We always set ourselves huge and visionary goals. And it was a goal worth achieving. No one has succeeded yet that Elon is still talking about [how] this trade is littered with corpses, companies that have not. So it was a challenge for us to go and do it.

So that was one of the reasons. The second reason was that once we get people to Mars, they’ll need to be able to communicate. I think it will be even more critical to have a constellation like Starlink around Mars. And then of course you have to connect the two planets as well, so we have to make sure we have robust telecommunications between Mars and back to Earth.

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