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ST Engineering iDirect, NiAT to Provide Critical VSAT Connectivity to ACTIVATE Brunei

ST Engineering iDirect and Network Integrity Assurance Technologies (NiAT) will respond to the increased demand for broadband satellite communication services across Brunei due to the global pandemic.

Like the rest of the world, Brunei has seen an increase in internet traffic due to COVID as people were forced to work from home, students relied on distance learning and the need for internet access in remote areas or rural has increased considerably. To meet this insatiable demand for Internet access, NiAT took the initiative and launched its first VSAT service, ACTIVATE, using the ST Engineering iDirect Evolution platform.

The ACTIVATE system is an open, efficient and easily scalable IP satellite communications platform designed to deliver the highest quality broadband connectivity for multiple markets. This will enable NiAT to expand into other sectors including Enterprise, Energy and Offshore, Maritime, Cellularular Backhaul and Government and Defence.

The Evolution Hub enables NiAT to deliver robust, high performance, and highly flexible services that adapt to changing requirements. It can accommodate up to 20 universal line cards simultaneously, each supporting up to 119 Msps in DVB-S2X forward and Adaptive TDMA return carriers and connects to two satellites offering services on C-band and Ku. The service also includes built-in redundancy with hub daisy chaining.

John Arnold, Regional Vice President, Asia at ST Engineering iDirect
Evolution enables NIAT to leverage a shared bandwidth platform with maximum flexibility and performance by using DVB-S2X and Adaptive TDMA to efficiently allocate bandwidth across distributed networks, while automatically adjusting to demands. dynamic traffic and changing network conditions.