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PH internet speed continues to improve – Manila Bulletin

PH internet speed continues to improve The Ookla Speedtest Global Index indicated that the country’s average internet download speed continues to accelerate. Fixed broadband speed increased from 66.55 Mbps in June 2021 to 71.17 Mbps in July. The latest download speed represents a monthly improvement of 6.94% for fixed broadband. Fixed broadband speed increased to […]

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Federal and provincial governments announce $ 318 million to expand broadband in northern Ontario

The federal and provincial governments are jointly committing $ 318 million to bring broadband infrastructure to all regions of Northern Ontario. In a joint Aug. 6 announcement, governments said the funds would help provide high-speed internet to more than 50,000 rural households in the region. It is part of a federal-provincial partnership, announced on July […]

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North of Tyne secures £ 7million for 5G and Future Connectivity Fund

The North of Tyne Combined Authority (NTCA), which represents Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland in England, recently announced that it will invest £ 7million in a new fund for 5G and future connectivity, which is largely intended to help boost mobile and “full fiber”Broadband connectivity in rural areas. The funding, which is part of a […]

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Bangladesh ranks 135th out of 137 countries for mobile internet speed

Bangladesh ranked 98e out of 181 countries in terms of broadband Internet speed Bangladesh lags further in terms of mobile internet speed, ranking 135th out of 137 countries. The country is ahead of only Afghanistan and Venezuela in the list, according to the June report from Ookla, a global platform that operates with the speed […]

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World record: Internet speed of 319 Tb/s over 3,001 km

If you think your broadband is fast enough, let us tell you about the world’s fastest internet to make you feel even worse. In 2020, scientists at University College London had set a new world record for the world’s fastest internet at 178 terabits per second (Tbps). Today, scientists from Japan’s National Institute of Information […]

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Consumer Reports reviews service

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has partnered with Consumer Reports, the nationally recognized nonprofit consumer advocacy publication, to find out what people pay for Internet service, what speeds they get and the quality of service. The Sentinel Journal is one of four news outlets, including The Verge, in the Broadband together initiative which aims to collect more […]

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JFC hopes on open access in data transmission bill – Manila bulletin

The Joint Foreign Chambers (JFC) expressed optimism that Congress will approve the open access in data transmission bill at its third ordinary session, stressing that the legislation will fill critical gaps in infrastructure. broadband by attracting more companies to invest in the data transmission and broadband sector. The House of Representatives approved Bill 8910 at […]

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Use This Maryland Website To Take An Internet Speed ​​Test

The state of Maryland is investigating internet speeds as it explores ways to improve internet service. SpeedSurvey performs a speed test, then asks three questions about broadband service. It offers users a way to test the capacity and performance of the Internet service they are using. It also collects data about the type of device […]

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How India’s data transmission architecture is expected to take shape

In the next few years, there will be 6 billion people online, 30 billion devices and 50 billion machines online. Lockdowns linked to the pandemic have accelerated the need for more effective work-at-home and home-school solutions. These “home” solutions are likely to evolve into “anywhere” solutions, connecting almost everyone using consumer broadband, mobile games and […]

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Facebook achieves 20 Gbps in Internet drone data transmission tests

Facebook managed to transmit data at nearly 20 Gbps between two towers in Southern California as part of testing a technology key to its plans to provide internet service to rural areas using drones. The tests were conducted earlier this year and used frequencies in the E-band, a group of millimeter wave frequencies between 60 […]

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Facebook hits 20 Gbps in internet drone data transmission tests

Facebook has managed to transmit data at nearly 20 Gbps between two Southern California towers during testing of a key technology for its plans to deliver internet service to rural areas using drones. The tests were carried out earlier this year and used frequencies in the so-called E-band, a group of millimeter wave frequencies between […]