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Take an Internet Speed ​​Test to Provide Vital Contribution | Newspaper

Residents of Mountain State eager to see how the investment of federal dollars can improve broadband Internet access have a little work to do. A broadband speed test at will boost the effort to understand the scale of the problem in West Virginia.

Far too many households will not be able to pass the test at all, and it is up to cartographers in the state’s economic development department to ensure that those without access are properly accounted for in reporting to the federal government. A more nuanced challenge is being able to tell the people of Washington, DC, how bad internet service is for those who, on paper, have at least one access.

“The data collected from the speed test will be critical in making decisions about broadband access in West Virginia in the future,” said Secretary of the State Department for Economic Development Mitch Carmichael.

In about five minutes, residents can access the website, click the button “Take the speed test” and follow the steps to complete the test and a few follow-up questions. Anyone who can do it should do it as soon as possible.

Without a clear picture of not only where residents have access, but where they have the kind of access that doesn’t hold back families, schools, and businesses, we’ll never be able to get the investment we need.

It is no exaggeration to say that quality broadband internet access is an essential utility. This is vital for communities who hope to provide the best education and opportunities for their children, AND to attract employers who are considering making Mountain State their home.

Go to the website and take the speed test, folks. Your contribution will make the difference.

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