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Take the “Internet Speed ​​Test” survey

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Flagler County officials — on behalf of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity — are encouraging residents to take an anonymous one-minute speed test and survey to help identify opportunities for expanding broadband services in Florida. The survey, available at, can be completed on any device and from any location.

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“The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity is working with local governments, like Flagler County, and other state agencies to understand existing community needs and better serve Floridians through future business funding opportunities. broadband infrastructure,” said Deputy County Administrator Jorge Salinas, who has worked on the county’s broadband initiative to bring internet access to underserved areas. “The state’s efforts will expand and improve connectivity throughout Florida and pave the way for future growth.”

After passing the speed test, the results will populate the real-time “Broadband Availability Map” with the location’s Internet speed and responsiveness, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. The effort is vital in developing the state’s broadband strategic plan.

“This will be an asset to Flagler County as we continue to assess existing needs moving forward with our own initiative,” Salinas said. “We have milestones in place, but this will help us refine our plans as our work continues.”

Flagler County in November 2021 voted to negotiate a contract with a subsidiary of Charter Communications to establish connections over 187 “road miles”. The likely timeline for completion of Phase 1 of the three-phase project is the end of 2023, barring circumstances beyond the company’s control, such as permit delays.

To learn more about the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Speed ​​Test, visit