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TalkTalk offers FREE broadband for 6 months


TalkTalk hopes to tackle digital exclusion by offering UK job seekers free broadband access. If you don’t have a job, you’ll receive a no-contract voucher to unlock access to TalkTalk’s Fiber 35 broadband plan, which typically costs £ 23 per month. You can expect download speeds of around 38 Mbps on this set, which should be more than enough for attending interviews via video calling software, uploading resumes, filling out online application forms, etc.

There are no download limits to worry about, so you won’t be penalized if other family members stream box sets on Netflix or download gigantic video game updates all day long. TalkTalk provides its own high-speed router to clients, which enables Wi-Fi connectivity at home – so you won’t have to worry about buying an additional kit.

As you might expect, TalkTalk’s six-month free broadband voucher will block your ability to add optional extras, like pay TV services or voice calls, to the contract. Thus, you will only have access to Wi-Fi and wired Internet. That’s it.

At the end of the six-month period, you will have the choice to upgrade to a Fiber 35 rolling contract with TalkTalk, or cancel at no additional cost. When you cancel, you will need to return all Wi-Fi equipment provided through a prepaid return service.

The pandemic has exacerbated an ongoing trend. While the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) employment centers have remained open throughout the coronavirus shutdowns, some of the help has been moved online. Not only that, but a number of roles now require applicants to apply online or provide additional material in digital format.

It makes an internet connection invaluable.

TalkTalk and the DWP tested this new voucher in Greater Manchester and Cheshire at the start of the second nationwide lockdown last year to support those looking for a new job from home. This has proven to be such a success that TalkTalk is now making the program available to all Jobcentre Plus work coaches, who can issue six month vouchers to job seekers.

Employment Minister Mims Davies said: “We want to support job seekers in every way possible on their journey towards finding a job, which includes improving opportunities by ensuring that that they are digitally connected and can access the full range of support offered by our plan for Jobs and our JobHelp website.


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