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Telenor Maritime will provide connectivity for the Storylines maritime community

Telenor Maritime

Posted on 24 May 2022 15:17 by

The Maritime Executive

[By: Telenor Maritime]

Telenor Maritime assisted Storylines in the design of the onboard network and advised on the best network architecture to ensure superior coverage and efficiency. MV Narrative’s complex network must cover a myriad of connectivity needs, both IoT and personal: OEM, TV and entertainment, electronic door locks, internal phone system and personal device connectivity, among others.

Providing a good internet connection to residents and crew is Telenor Maritime’s number one priority. Many entrepreneurs working remotely run their businesses from the ship, including Storylines with their headquarters on board. With the largest business facilities at sea, the ship can offer co-working spaces, private offices, reception space, conference rooms and impressive event venues. Expectations for network quality and coverage are very high and the best service available with broadband accessible from anywhere in the world, including mid-ocean, is provided on board.

Internet connectivity is a key part of today’s society, which makes it essential in everyday life; both for operational and recreational use. It is therefore one of the key elements of Storylines IT projects. Storylines is committed to providing the highest level of Internet access possible, regardless of the route the ship takes. – Dr. Krzysztof Kontek, Storylines IT and Telecom Manager.

After Telenor Maritime provided detailed and accurate documentation that met all requirements and exceeded expectations, Kontek was confident that they were the right partner to meet Storylines’ high connectivity ambitions.

“While working on the specifications, we were impressed by the professionalism of the commercial director and the engineers of the Telenor Maritime team. All the work was done on time and the management is very flexible in proposing solutions that fully meet our conditions. Telenor Maritime is able to provide complete solutions that fully meet our requirements and expectations. The work that Storylines and Telenor Maritime have done together so far has gone smoothly. We are delighted to be working with Telenor Maritime as the technology partner for Storylines’ MV Narrative vessel.

Telenor Maritime is a leading maritime communications provider with 20 years of experience in innovative connectivity and digital solutions at sea. With over 400 roaming agreements, over 30 million people stay connected with Telenor Maritime on more than 500 installations on ships and offshore platforms worldwide.

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