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Terrible broadband from Virgin Media? You may soon be owed £100

Virgin Media has announced a new incentive which it hopes will ensure that every corner of your home has fast broadband. The new WiFi guarantee promises to spread a solid internet connection throughout the property.

If things slow down Virgin will try to boost things up via its WiFi pods and if that doesn’t work customers will receive a £100 credit to their account. The internet service provider (ISP) wants to make sure every room gets at least 20Mbps speed – that’s easily enough to stream Netflix and YouTube in 4K.

This new warranty will be included at no additional cost on the company’s premium Gig 1 broadband and all Volt plans.

Customers currently on cheaper M50 to M500 Fiber plans (without Volt) can add the warranty for an additional £8 per month. As well as the Wi-Fi guarantee, Virgin Media says it has also revamped its Connect app.

This app now comes with enhanced features that include the ability to test signal strength room by room.

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It’s also possible to manage devices connected to their home network – including suspending a WiFi connection to individual devices – and access in-app customer support if they need help troubleshooting. problems.

Speaking about the new update, Jeff Dodds, COO of Virgin Media O2, said: “Providing fast and reliable broadband is at the heart of our business. We know how important seamless connectivity is, and as our customers’ needs evolve beyond mere speed, we will continue to improve our products and services to ensure we meet those needs.

“Virgin Media’s new Wi-Fi Guarantee goes hand-in-hand with its self-optimizing hubs and signal-boosting mesh Wi-Fi pods to give customers complete peace of mind knowing they’ll get Wi-Fi reliable in every room or they will be refunded.”

Alongside this update, Virgin has also just announced a new deal offering a £200 discount on select plans including Bigger Movies, Bigger Sports or the Ultimate Volt plan.

This great incentive means that some customers will get the first three months of their new contract totally free.

It runs all week and you can find full details on this Virgin Media deal here.