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Technical Center – Most families these days would agree that home internet connectivity and reliable speed are more important than ever.

Think about it: how long will it take for the new kids game to download? Do you have sufficient bandwidth for your video conference at 10:00 am?

As more and more American households work, shop, learn, stream, and play – often simultaneously – on multiple devices, it is essential to ensure that the internet at home is reliable, fast and uninterrupted.

The free Smart Move Internet Speed ​​Test Tool will track your real-time Internet speed within seconds. You’ll be able to figure out what your current internet speed means and what meets your needs, learn about common issues that can cause the internet to slow down, and discover simple ways to optimize your internet speed. Get the speed test now at

Speed ​​test tips

Things to consider before performing your speed test:

1. Internet speed changes throughout the day. Test your speed several times for clear results.

2. Run the speed test in the same room and in a clear view of your router for the most accurate result.

3. Complete downloads on all connected devices before running the test.

How it works

The test finds your location and the closest server. Then it pings the server, measures the round trip response time, and tests the time it takes to capture sample data and the network resources used in that capture.

It will detect additional rooms and increase the number of open connections to download data, measuring how much your internet connection can accomplish simultaneously (remember the 10:00 am video conferencing and video game download speed we talked about earlier?) .

Finally, it processes your download capacity, measuring the speed of data downloads from your internet device to the test server.

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