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The broadband bill is crucial to bridge the digital divide | Letters to the Editor


An open letter to Governor Gavin Newsom: As you know, the pandemic has made it clear that reliable high-speed broadband is essential to ensure the connectivity necessary to create equitable educational and economic opportunities, as well as to reducing the digital divide. . Californians increasingly rely on wireless broadband for distance learning, telehealth, public safety, remote working and more.

Increasing wireless broadband access is a critical part of the solution to bridging the digital divide, following your $ 6 billion investment in expanding broadband for everyone. Improving connectivity for all Californians requires an ‘all of the above’ approach involving the deployment of cutting edge wireless technology, also known as 5G, alongside wired to fiber technology. conventional optics. Wireless innovation has made it possible to deliver the “last mile” of Internet service at gigabit-level speeds with no data caps and at a lower cost. In addition to improving the reliability of traditional “mobile” wireless services, 5G technology will provide new “fixed” wireless broadband solutions to tens of thousands of homes and small businesses across California and beyond. beyond, providing another option for reliable broadband and high speed for consumers and small businesses that today have limited or no options.

The state should take immediate action to ensure all Californians are connected to the digital economy or leave thousands behind. We ask you to sign Law SB 556 to ensure that the appropriate local reforms are in place to enable the rapid and secure deployment of wireless broadband.


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