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TIME & Digi win Malaysia’s fastest internet speed race


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TIME has been identified as the fastest fixed broadband provider in the country while Digi is the fastest mobile operator according to Ookla’s latest third quarter report.

According to their latest report, the Global Speedtest Q3 Indices Market Analysis 2021, TIME takes first place for fixed broadband with a speed score of 120.10, with Maxis (74.64) and TM (68.78) occupying second and third places, respectively.

Meanwhile, on the mobile operator side, Digi has a slight edge over the competition, scoring 33.19.

Credit: Ookla

Klang Valley has excellent fixed broadband but lacks mobile speeds

Based on statistics, Petaling Jaya has the fastest average fixed broadband speed in the third quarter of 2021, going up to 129.74 Mbps for downloads and 89.11 Mbps for downloads.

Meanwhile, Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur rank second and third, followed by two cities of Johor, Nusajaya and Johor Bahru, fourth and fifth.

Credit: Ookla

Interestingly, in terms of mobile upload and download speeds, cities outside of Klang Valley are faster with Nusajaya in first place, followed by Ipoh and Malacca.

What about the towns in the Klang Valley? Statistics show that Shah Alam is in fourth place while Petaling is eighth and Kuala Lumpur is at the bottom in tenth.

Globally, Malaysia ranks 82nd for fixed broadband speeds and 46th for mobile speeds.

Credit: Ookla

IPhone 12 Pro 5G has the best speeds

The report also revealed that the iPhone 12 Pro 5G is the fastest smartphone with an average download speed of 55.06 Mbps.

In fact, Apple claims the top three places with the second place for the iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G while the iPhone 12 5G is third.

When it comes to brands, Apple devices have the fastest speeds with an average download speed of 37.51 Mbps, followed by Samsung (31.02 Mbps), Huawei (29.16 Mbps), Xiaomi (27, 06 Mbps) and HONOR (23.07 Mbps).

Credit: Ookla

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