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Transmission, processing and storage of data: security matters!

BFN Fusion provides users with reliable data for better decision making.

September 2, 2022

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BFN Fusion provides its users with reliable decision support data to control and optimize their production. But how secure is the transmission, processing and storage of data? A new video explaining the world of BFN Fusion focuses on the important topic of data security – please check below!

With BFN Fusion, Big Dutchman launched a one-stop solution for the digitization of agricultural data a year ago, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Would you like to know what has happened since then and what BFN Fusion is? So stay tuned, more videos on a variety of topics will follow!

If you prefer the written, please check the captions:

Anne: BFN Fusion provides its users with reliable decision support data to control and optimize their production. But how secure is the transmission, processing and storage of data? We will find out exactly that in this video.

Hello and welcome to another How to BFN Fusion video. I am Annette and with me is Sören.

Sören, today we are going to talk about the subject of security. And the first thing I would like to know is where does the data actually go, once the farm is connected?

Soren: As soon as the farm is connected, the data goes to the cloud where it is stored forever, if the customer wishes.

Anne: Stored forever if customer likes? So who really has access to this data, this information, this cloud?

Soren: The customer decides who has access to his data, and if he wishes, we delete it, if he wishes, it is stored forever.

The customer is the boss

Anne: OK. So does Big Dutchman have access to this data?

Soren: Yes. When we have a service request, the customer can grant us access. And as soon as the service file is closed, this access can be revoked. Thus, the customer always remains the owner and master of his data.

Anne: OK. So, as a customer, I don’t have to worry that Big Dutchman might just peek or peek at my data. It’s totally safe and unless I give permission to Big Dutchman, Big Dutchman can’t access my data?

Soren: Exactly.

Security issues

Anne: OK. Before we wrap up today, we were talking about this whole issue of security. It’s really very interesting and for me impressive how Big Dutchman sees it as a huge priority. Could you possibly elaborate a bit on that?

Soren: Yes. Before starting the BFN Fusion project, farmers often had an outdated farm computer. And we took that as a mission and we said, okay, we take this topic for ourselves, as a challenge, and that’s why we brought OrbitX into the game.

It has over-the-air updates, it ensures the farm network is disconnected from the public internet, but data can still go to the cloud. It is therefore a real plus in terms of security. Additionally, we have Microsoft Azure as a platform partner, and they work with 3,500 employees just on the topic of security. Of course, we use state-of-the-art communication technologies, which are of course all encrypted. And finally, to keep this level of quality at the forefront, and at a very very high level, we are striving to obtain ISO 20000 certification.

Anne: Thank you for sharing this with us, Sören. I really believe that our customers know in this respect that their data is safe with Big Dutchman, because it’s really quite impressive how much security is taken care of in this respect with BFN Fusion.

Thank you for joining us with this video and I hope to see you again with the next video, and don’t forget, subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. See you soon.