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Turkey’s internet speed not enough for households

Turkey’s internet speed not enough for households

As the pandemic increased internet traffic at home, Turkey failed with an internet speed of 30.51 Mbps. It ranked 2021st among 175 out of 103 countries with its internet speed far behind the world average. Internet service providers have focused on maximizing Turkey’s Internet speed with the joint brand projects they have developed.

The shift from work and school to home during the pandemic has created the need for high-speed internet. According to the Speedtest report, Turkey ranked 2021st among 30.51 countries with a fixed broadband internet speed of 175 Mbps in 103. The fact that the broadband internet speed is well below the world average of 96, 98 Mbps caused serious connection issues at a time when work and school were moving. Internet access providers are also putting projects on the table to gain speed. Telkotürk, which provides fiber and broadband Internet services to 81 provinces in Turkey using next-generation technology infrastructure, announced that it has signed a joint brand project by partnering with Yön İletişim.

It will provide gigabit level internet speed

Telkotürk General Manager Emre Eskici said that he aims to unite all points in Turkey with a high level of internet speed under the common brand project, “While the prevalence rate of fixed broadband is 21.2% according to the population in Turkey, the OECD average is at the level of 33.2%.About 33% of fixed broadband subscribers in Turkey use internet packages of 10 to 16 Mbps. In the broadband market, which has approximately 11.5 million xDSL subscribers and 4.6 million fiber subscribers, we aim to raise standards by achieving gigabit internet speed.

It will provide high-speed Internet access to 30 cities with an investment of TL 70 million.

Noting that they created the joint brand project which they developed with a sense of social responsibility, Emre Eskici gave the following information on the details of the cooperation: “We are innovating in Turkey with the joint brand project based on cooperation in terms of infrastructure and superstructure, which we have developed with the communication department. As an established company with Turkish capital, we are determined to take the Turkish Internet to the next level. The common brand project that we have developed with the motto “Outstanding Communication” will guide this objective. Our project derives all its capital from Telkotürk. In the first phase, we will provide high-speed Internet service to a total of 30 cities with our services such as face-to-face communication, home installation, on-site support and live helpline 7 /24 under the first phase of 70 million TL QoS investment. As a company that offers next-generation technology infrastructure components and advanced software-based R&D technologies, we will also develop our customer-oriented products and services.

Shaping the future of the internet in Turkey

Direction Communications Board Chairman Niyazı Başpınar made the following assessment regarding the project: “As a company that provides services such as telesales, call center, products and after-sales support, technical consulting, CRM, reporting and business analysis. on Turkey, we are in cooperation with TelkoTürk. We will shape the future of the Internet in Turkey. We will expand the customer portfolio of TelkoTürk with the strength we derive from our 100% Turkish capital and deep-rooted experience.We believe that our project will achieve its goal in a short time with the deep hindsight we have in customer relationship.