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Taiwanese Minister of Science and Technology said the global pandemic is accelerate digital transformation. The pandemic poses both challenges and opportunities for rethinking technological development and supply chain management. Thanks to public and private efforts over the past year, Taiwan has largely weathered the ravages of COVID-19.

Infections increased in mid-May, causing various government restrictions. The number of COVID-19 cases is now dropping. Taiwan has received praise around the world for its effective campaign to contain the coronavirus, a program that includes an electronic fence that tracks residents via cell phones to ensure people in quarantine stay at home. Effort is also considered less intrusive than other follow-up efforts.

Taiwan has shown its skills and expertise in public health and digital technology. Convinced that “Taiwan can help,” the government shared pandemic resources and experiences with international partners. Many foreigners discover Taiwan in the process. The pandemic poses a challenge, but also creates an opportunity for Taiwan to highlight outstanding tech professionals and industry chains.

Digital transformation

In the post-pandemic world, Taiwan will focus on six key sectors: security, precision healthcare, digital transformation, semiconductors, space, and 5G / 6G internet infrastructure. Taiwan has focused a lot on digital policies and, in the next few years, such as blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). Everything will be connected and everything will revolve around digital technologies. Due to the pandemic, Taiwan must step up to move forward even faster in the digital transformation process.

Large companies are stepping up their digital transformation efforts. They have a lot of automated plans and use a lot of big data. In addition to AI, 5G, IoT and other digital technologies, Taiwan is focused on supporting digital transformation in small and medium enterprises and micro-enterprises. These companies and startups represent around 80% of the Taiwanese workforce.

Taiwan’s goal is to have a digital platform so that information service providers can work closely with all of these small businesses. The government also wants to guide them in this transformation process. Due to the pandemic, they are having problems. But the pandemic will be the boost to make this digital leap.

Information security is also essential for digital and intelligent development. As the IoT connects everything, businesses must take the protection of digital assets seriously. To this end, Taiwan is establishing a center of excellence in security for security professionals and technological innovation across Asia.


Linking devices and the information they store is both a convenience and a threat to privacy. Hackers are increasingly looking for unsecured digital assets. Contact tracing and other tracking platforms have intensified these concerns. Observers praised Taiwan for these devices, but many questioned whether the tracking process might infringe on some people’s privacy. Therefore, Taiwan pays special attention to ensure that when the data is used, privacy is also guaranteed.

Specific regulations to ensure that all data collected during the pandemic remains secure and must be deleted or disposed of after a certain period of time. While the government protects the safety of people and their lives, they must also maintain democracy. Taiwan must therefore find a balance between democracy and security. The Minister stressed that digital technologies, human rights and democracy are all linked. How to use technologies to ensure convenience while preserving human rights is always the right balance.


The Minister defines innovation as a breakthrough based on careful observation of daily life. In Taiwan, For the next 10 years, digital technologies will be integrated into the traditional industry. As digital technologies and cybersecurity improve, they will be essential for young people today and in the future, when resources are more precious. As the resources of this planet are not endless, the integration of technology, nature and society is essential.

Taiwanese start-ups

Taiwan has a long history of supporting tech startups in fields ranging from telecommunications to AI, IoT and virtual reality (VR). These efforts are starting to bear fruit. For example, a Taiwan-based startup invented a tool that uses AI to convert text to video. The startup works with local media and e-commerce retailers. Taiwan-based startups have won several awards. Startups need to connect technologies to life and its daily needs.


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