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Virgin Media Issues Vital Broadband Advice, Reboot Your Router Today

Virgin says those on its M100 plan will now see things jump from 108Mbps to 132Mbps and its M200 plan will go from 213Mbps to 264Mbps. This essentially means that some will now see a Full HD movie arrive around 30 seconds faster than before.

If you think you should qualify for an upgrade, it’s worth checking your email as Virgin is currently notifying eligible customers.

“To thank you for being part of the Virgin Media family, we’re giving you a speed boost – at no additional cost,” the email reads.

“You’ll upgrade from the M200 to the M250 Fiber Broadband, which offers 25% faster average speeds – with average download speeds of up to 264 Mbps from 213 Mbps and average upload speeds of 25 Mbps from 20 Mbps.” It’s perfect for streaming guilty pleasures, playing with the gang, posting that #fire selfie, or downloading the latest blockbuster (which you could do in just over 7.5 minutes).

“All you have to do is restart your WiFi Hub.”

This last part of the email is vital because the boost will not occur until the router is turned off and then back on. It’s very simple to do and only takes a few minutes, but it’s worth making sure no one is in the middle of a vital downloads Zoom call because the Wi-Fi will stop working during the download process. reset.

How to restart the Hub

• To restart the Virgin Media Hub, follow these steps:

• Turn Hub off at wall outlet, wait 10 seconds, turn Hub back on

• Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the hub to reboot

You’ll know when your router is ready because you’ll see the white power light on the front light up constantly without flickering or flickering.

Once everything is done, you should then see the free speed boost. A good way to check is to look at sites like Ookla which will show how fast your downloads are actually going.

Speaking of the changes, Jeff Dodds, COO of Virgin Media O2, said: “Virgin Media O2 has a clear goal to upgrade the UK, and offer millions of our customers adding value through our latest broadband speed boost is another step. towards that.

“As the reliance on connectivity continues to grow – and in a time when value matters more than ever – we’re proud to deliver even more to our customers, about us.”