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Virgin Media lowers price of broadband social plan

Its Essential Broadband plan, for those on Universal Credit, will drop to £12.50 a month (PA) (PA Wire)

Blank media lowered the price of its social broadband package in response to the current cost of living crisis.

The telecom giant has confirmed its Essential Broadband offer, which is aimed at people receiving Universal Creditwill drop to £12.50 per month for all new and existing customers.

The plan, which offers 15Mbps speeds, is also joined by a new speed tier, said Virgin Media, which will offer 50Mbps faster broadband for £20 a month in a package called Essential Broadband Plus.

Both plans have no fixed term contract or activation fees.

We are taking steps to raise awareness of our social broadband packages, while making it easier to join, and call on the government to reduce VAT on social tariffs which we will pass on directly

Jeff Dodds, Virgin Media

“We have a long history of stepping up in tough times and it’s no different now,” said Jeff Dodds, chief operating officer of Virgin Media.

“Connectivity remains an essential part of our lives, so we are stepping up the support we provide to those who need it most in the cost of living crisis.

“We are taking steps to increase awareness of our social broadband plans, while making it easier to sign up, and we are calling the Government to cut VAT on social tariffs that we will pass on directly, helping those who have the most difficulty to save even more.

“Through continued investment in the network and a range of products at varying price points and speeds, we consistently deliver incredible value to customers and will continue to play our part in this challenging climate.”

Earlier this year, the company confirmed that it was working to put in place automated checks for customers to confirm their eligibility for social tariffs with the company.

Virgin Media said that once in place it would also allow it to extend its social rate schemes to also apply to those receiving pension credit and other benefits for the first time.