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Wateen Telecom partners with Huawei to modernize its data transmission –


Wateen Telecom has signed an agreement with Huawei Pakistan to modernize its nationwide data transmission network.

Wateen Telecom, a leading ICT company with fiber infrastructure in 250 cities in Pakistan, signed an agreement with Huawei Pakistan to modernize its data transmission network across the country. Wateen will deploy Huawei’s state-of-the-art optical transmission network to revolutionize the country’s digital landscape. The agreement was signed in Lahore at the head office of Wateen Telecom by Adil Rashid, CEO of Wateen Telecom and Mark Meng, CEO of Huawei Pakistan.

Wateen Telecom will have improved capacity and higher speeds on its nationwide fiber optic network after the project is completed. As the demand for superior network performance continues to grow, both nationally and internationally, Wateen’s network is designed to facilitate growth to meet the exponential increase in demand for Internet capacity. The new network capacity has the potential to operate at speeds of 100G to 400G for future bandwidth needs.

Wateen Telecom is fully ready for the growth of 4G and the era of 5G with its futuristic network architecture, resilient fiber footprint, high-capacity transmission infrastructure and nation-wide field service organization . This network modernization will provide the necessary impetus to provide new opportunities for the benefit of small, medium and large enterprises, financial institutions, mobile operators, the education sector, Internet resellers across Pakistan and international customers.

Adil Rashid, CEO of Wateen Telecom, said on the occasion: “As an organization that always innovates to stay ahead of the needs of tomorrow, we are proud to have Huawei technologies on board to best serve our clients. This successful innovation is just one of many that will follow as Pakistan moves forward on the digitalization path. “

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mark Meng, CEO of Huawei Pakistan, said, “100G technology was designed to give our partner companies more power at their fingertips, and Wateen Telecom is pioneering the process. way businesses operate in Pakistan. It gives us great satisfaction to provide a scalable network with simplified management, high reliability and service intelligence for companies in all industries.

Huawei’s without ROADM network The design offers investment protection to Wateen by allowing instant upgrades to 200G and 400G lambda to meet increasing traffic demands. Wateen’s new transportation network will also provide faster and more reliable services to its customers while reducing capital and operating costs. Additionally, enhanced features such as inline OTDR and integrated OSA allow Wateen to minimize network downtime by seamlessly rerouting through proactive network monitoring.


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