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Westminster to strengthen connectivity for social housing


Westminster City Council has reached an agreement for full fiber broadband connections in its social housing.

This is part of an agreement with G.Network, an Internet service provider for the London area, to connect all housing in the borough over the next three years.

The initiative will affect more than 1,800 buildings and nearly 20,000 apartments.

Councilor David Harvey, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “Westminster City Council is committed to building a smart city by investing in new technologies to improve services and improve the lives of our residents.

“I am therefore proud to be working in partnership with G.Network to deploy fiber optic broadband in all social housing in Westminster, ensuring that all residents have access to a fast and reliable broadband connection.”

The company started building its network for businesses and private leased properties in Westminster in 2017, when only 10% had access to fiber and the average download speed was only 23 Mbps. The latter figure has now almost doubled to 45 Mbps, as G.Network has installed broadband on more than 160 km of streets and excavated more than 80,000 premises.

It builds the network on an open access basis, which means that other Internet service providers will not be able to use the infrastructure.

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