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What is cloud streaming? Internet Speed ​​Explained

PS Plus Premium has arrived in America, and some people don’t know what cloud streaming is and whether they have enough internet speed to play PS3 games smoothly for the new PlayStation level.

Premium isn’t quite the answer to Xbox Game Pass as not all PlayStation exclusives will be day one deals unlike Microsoft with the likes of star field. Still, while the lack of day one exclusives is disappointing, there are still plenty of relatively new titles and classics to enjoy.

More unfortunate news is that you cannot download PS3 games.

Stray – Trailer | PS5

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Stray – Trailer | PS5





What is Cloud Streaming for PlayStation Plus?

Cloud Streaming for PlayStation Plus is the only way to play PS3 games in the new Premium Tier.

As for what it does, it allows you to stream games to your console. Although a requirement for PS3 classics, the Premium tier also gives you the ability to stream PS One, PS2, PSP, and PS4 games to your PS4, PS5, or PC.

If you prefer to download games, the good news is that PS One, PS2 and PSP titles can be downloaded. Unfortunately, there is no such option for PS3 Classics.

As for why PS3 classics can’t be downloaded, CBR reports that it’s because PlayStation 3 hardware was notoriously difficult for developers. The emulation has been recognized as troublesome, but the developer of Limited Run Games, ModernVintageGsaid on Twitter that it was possible but “Sony was never interested in investing millions to make this happen”.

Internet speed required

Sony’s PS Plus starter website says you need a minimum internet speed and a 5Mbps broadband connection for cloud streaming to work on your PlayStation 4, PS5, or PC.

Also, to stream in 1080p resolution for games that allow it, you need a connection of at least 15 Mbps. Note that these speeds are the strict minimum recommended by Sony.

Although Sony has recommended the bare minimum, your cloud streaming experience will be better the higher your internet connection. If your speed is low enough, you will likely experience annoyances like lag.

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