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What is Tech? FCC Card Tells You Your Internet Speed ​​Speed ​​| What is Technology?

Internet speeds can vary from street to street, or even from house to house. If you don’t know what’s available at your address, you could be paying too much for slow speeds. How to know? There’s a card for that.

You can find it on the FCC website. Here’s how it works: Find your home address. All the providers you can choose from are listed on the right. Ignore the map colors and watch the upload and download speeds.

This location shows that AT&T Fiber and Comcast Cable are available here with 1 GB, or 1000 megabytes per second download. It’s super fast for streaming videos, playing games, and connecting multiple devices to your WiFi network. If you are downloading files, pay attention to download speeds and there is a huge difference. AT&T fiber has a 1GB download while Comcast is only 35 megabytes.

Some areas have fewer choices as a rural address. The service does not exceed 100 megabytes per second.

You can search any address in the country, so for people who are looking for a new home, this is a valuable search to know. The broadband map is about a year old and the FCC updates it regularly.

Everyone has to look up their address and check the speeds. If you’re not getting what you pay for, it’s time to call your ISP and ask what’s going on.